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Screen sharing paradise

Even before the unfortunate pandemic, we were taking 99% of our meetings via Zoom or Google Meet. This method has been demonstrated to be very effective and save lots of time . We can collaborate whenever you want, wherever you are! We also work through your computer via Team Viewer or Any Desk apps if support is needed. Most agencies will not meet via video or screen share conference. Fortunately for you, we do!

Benefits of screen sharing

  • Social distancing

  • Face-to-face meetings

  • Best way to collaborate

  • Perfect communication

  • Meetings are a click away

  • International conferencing

  • No traffic or parking necessary

  • No waiting for emails, texts or calls

  • Multiple people can join one meeting

Always Contactless Payments

We take credit/debit card, PayPal, Venmo, Bitcoin, CashApp, Google Pay, Amazon Pay and Zelle.

This makes it much safer for both parties and simplifies the payment process.

Most clients prefer to use:

venmo Meetings
bitcoin Meetings
Paypal Logo Meetings
credit card Meetings

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